Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Missing Pup

 Oh Where Oh Where Has Our Little Dog Gone? Oh where oh where could he be? He was just here beside me and now he's not and I cannot find him.

[CIRCA]  created this really pretty "Lavelle" room set as an exclusive for the Black Fair Apr 6th - 20th. It includes several individually sold items which can be placed together, there are 6 packs in all. This is a new item and 50% Off regular price during the event. There is also a Planter Set (shown) the Fern and Peace Lily add-on pack.

 I didn't have a window in this room to look outside, so thanks to Facepalm, I was able to have one with their Storm Window. This will come in several versions, light is the one shown here. It is currently unavailable but will be coming soon.

The cute pup is one of the Lively Labs called Black Wander Pup from the gacha collection by JIAN.

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