Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Garden of Memories

 Sitting among the flowers, I take time in the morning air to enjoy the sun as it rises, spreading it's light over the garden of memories. Not many can see me hidden away in this tiny section of our forest, and that's just the way I like it. As long as one of my pups doesn't decide to come out for a morning snack! Can you find me?

There are so many wonderful things to see and enjoy at the Fantasy Faire 2018 right now, and this is barely a drop in the bucket of delights that await you. That's right, that amazing event that is held once a year to raise funds for the Relay for Life. With all of the amazing fantasy items and great entertainment, auctions, quests, etc! All items shown in the post are on sale at the event.
Lacrime dell'anima has some really pretty items out for us. And each of them are 50% off for the duration of the event.

Shown in the top picture is the Garden Stump Table - Fantasy Roses. This comes with 2 versions roses with and without lights and it includes 10 sit animations.
In the picture directly above is the Dream Log Bench - Fantasy Roses. It sits 2 avatars with 9 single animations for each, and 9 alone, as well as 16 cuddle animations.
 Shown in the picture below, is the Dream Wishing Well - Fantasy Roses which includes a 4 texture change hud for the water, 2 versions-with/without animations, resizer script, 10 single animations, and bird sounds on/off.

The lovely Round Wildflower Garden shown is a creation by Simply Shelby. It includes 4 copiable versions in multi(shown), Blue & Yellow, Pink & white, and yellow & orange. This is one of their many items on sale at the faire.
The Forest Keeper with Bird by Bad Katz, watches over all the creatures, great and small, of the forest in his gentle way. The rock and bird detach so you can set him up any way you would like.
Another great item from Simply Shelby is the Spring Flowers Gacha collection. One of the items from that collection is the Reindeer with hot pink flowers shown above, which is one of the rares. There are 8 common, 2 uncommon, and 6 rare items to win.
 LOVE created the lovely Wolf Garden Decor shown above. 2 sentinel wolves stand guard over the garden. There are 2 different versions available, both shown here.

Lilith's Den created the lovely  Magic Twirl Lights as their 2018 RFL item. These lights dance about adding a great mystical ambience to your fantasy setting. They are copiable so you can set as many as you wish out.

EED created a lovely Fairy Village as their contribution to the fair this year. One of the items from this lovely scene is the Colored BG Flowers shown above. There is So much to this set, that the best way to experience it is by going to their store HERE.

HarshLands also has some items out, such as their exclusive item, the FF 2018 Memorial Stone. This includes the plaque, shield, candles, FF sword and stone.

  Shown below:

 Simply Shelby has another beautiful item shown here for us, the  Butterfly Tree comes in 2 versions, with/without meadow. Several butterflies and fairies enjoy time in the forest amidst a field of flowers.

The Dream Zen Temple - Fantasy Roses is another item by Lacrime dell'anima. It is resize scripted, the temple seats 3 avatars with 2 sits and 10 yoga animations. It also comes in a version without the yoga animations. The benches include 16 cuddle, 9 single sit for each and 9 alone animations. You can also turn the torches off or on by touch.
So, by now have you figured out where I am in the pictures? That's right! I'm the little blue creature with the big eyes. Also know as a Minkie, this avatar is a creation for Fantasy Faire 2018 by Titans. It includes shape, full body alpha, mesh avatar and also a hud for the tail animations. It is also a FREE GIFT!! You can pick it up at any of the landing spots at the faire.

Keeping me company are some new friends as well!
Lilith's Den created the colorful beetle beside me as part of their Oubliette Beetles gacha collection. They are rezzable, attachable, and resizeable. There are 14 different colors and combinations to be won!
A couple more items from Bad Katz are the Mossy Tortoise
and Sitting Fairy 3. Both are great additions to anyone's garden.
Global Nomads created the Now she flies Memorial Stone as part of their Memorial Stone gacha collection. One of several great sayings to reflect your memory of a loved one or ones.
For more information and to get the direct SLurls to the booths, check out the shopping catalogue:

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