Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trees are Budding

 I LOVE this time of year! The animals are all waking up again, the trees have buds on their branches, flowers are blooming and of course, I get to enjoy this year round in SL thanks to The Little Branch.

The tree to the left is the Wild Linden Tree which is animated for a realistic ambience and includes a 4 season texture change menu to enjoy year round. It is an exclusive at the new Illuminate Event March 18-April 13.

The next tree over is Fig Tree. This is also animated and contains a 4 season texture change menu. It's so realistic! Even down to the figs. You can find this at the Shiny Shabby March 20 - April 15
And in the below picture the tree on the left is the lovely Lime Tree. Another animated tree with four seasons texture change menu. You can even peer in and see limes hanging on the branches. This is an exclusive at the Clique Event March 24 - April 4
And the other tree shown is the White Orchid Tree v2 which is also animated for that realistic look. It’s an exclusive at the Sense Event March 15-April 8.

  Shown also in the pictures are items from their store, the Snakeweed ( Animated and shown is Summer A and B versions), Grass (Version 4, also animated), BirdFlower(with Flowers Menu), OrangeTree{Young}, Mushrooms.V1 and a great Hill to compliment it all.

 The cute dachshund is  my faithful companion, one of the Tooldogs by Sau Motorcycles.

 Satomi's 2016 Azure Beach windlight used

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