Thursday, March 22, 2018

Finding Atlantis

We came upon a strange rock formation one day while wandering along the coast. It appeared to have what appeared to be a throne seated upon it, it was beautiful. Putting on our scuba gear, we prepared to swim around it and see what else we could discover, were we ever surprised!

Little 2 Large has some really great stuff for us during the  Twisted Hunt- Atlantis March 1-31. . The hunt prize is the Lost Temple of Atlantis shown in the top picture which comes complete with animated water.
Then there is their Atlantis Ruins Gacha Collection with 8 different items to be won which you can make a complete scene with, great for underwater mermaid areas, RP sims, etc.
Shown here in the pictures are:
1. Seaweed- 4 plants
2. Ruins Terrace (Rare)
3. Ruins Mer & Human Anims Rock (Rare)
4. Fallen Wall
5. Fallen Column
6. Upright Wall
7. Rocky Hole
and 8. Archway

Satomi's 2017 Angelic Sky windlight used

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