Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Date at the Local Pond

TYLAR'S TREASURES brings us some fantastic items to add to anyone's decor. These are great for personal, RP, romantic, pretty much most themed sims. Currently exclusives at Swank, we have the following pictured
The Rusty BBQ is animated with realistic fire and sound, it comes with props and poses in the menu.
There is also the At The Pond items featuring the pond which plays frog sounds, the bento dock with couple cuddle and single poses menu with props. Even a fishing one! and the Table with cuddle menu as well as single poses with props.
Also shown is the Truck Date which includes bento cuddles and single poses with props. And the Wildflower patch, copiable so you can place as many as you need for your own desire, this has a touch texture change menu to change between poppies and cornflowers.
  The pictures were taken using the windlight - Jay BattleScars 10.0 - Echoes of Love

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