Friday, January 26, 2018

Exploring the Little Branch

 I recently was accepted as a Little Branch blogger and am honored to be able to show off not only the gorgeous items that they make, but the beautiful talent that has gone into decorating their sim. This is a fantastic place for taking pictures, checking out their creations up close and personal, or simply hanging out in such a tranquil surrounding. There are so many different areas to enjoy, it's hard to see everything in just one day. I took a few pictures about, but I will certainly be visiting again soon as I have no even began to touch upon the surface of all there is to see.

They also now have a Landscaping/Interior Decorating service!
If you are interested in their services, you can find out more information about them HERE.

You can find their items and this great sim at their Main Store
And for those who enjoy shopping at home, you can visit their Marketplace store
Morning is beginning to chase away the shadows as I began my trek about the countryside. The horse in the distance appears to have already began grazing and started his day. 
 The waters move about stirring up foam beneath the bridge as I look over at the neighboring houses, just now being blanketed by the morning sunlight.
 A beautiful place for a picnic by the glass roofed building, it's still just a tiny bit chilly this morning, but I plan to come back here soon for a great lunch date with Gwen.
 It seems that someone is going to have an early breakfast picnic though, look at those great fixins and food.
 I came upon a couple of storks down by the beach, spreading their wings as they survey the water for that plump juicy fish to complete their meal.
 There wasn't much activity yet at the docks, but I did catch a glimpse of that red motorcycle in the garage as well as what appears to be a boat project in progress.
 It seems that this train has been out of service for some time, but the benches were perfect to sit a moment and rest my feet after the hike up the mountain.
Finishing off my little tour is a bird's eye view of the sim, showing some of the wonderful areas to be visited.

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