Monday, October 2, 2017

Battle of the Harlequins

  Just who does this young upstart think she is? Trying to make herself out to be ME? Hell, she doesn't even know the beginning of crazy. Though, I have to admit, she is sure a good lookin peach, maybe we'll keep her! Right after I teach her to show a bit of respect to her elders.
 = Fashiowl Poses =  created this totally fun set of poses as an exclusive for Limit8.  Flow includes 4 couple bento couple poses. The ring shown isn't included but it IS available at the main store. Also, at the event is another great pose for the winner. The Flow Trophy static pose includes that nice big trophy cup shown.
For a fun realistic and cheesy wrestling look, we opted to wear super villian costumes. Of course, both of us wanted to be Harlequin, so we compromised.

 I am wearing the Harley Quinn  Classic Costume by OKshop. It includes, Omega appliers for body but not for face. Includes are system layers and, Omega, Maitreya appliers for outfit.
Complete outfit also ncludes:
-Mini guns

Gwen is wearing the OKshop Harley Daddy's Lil Monster
Complete outfit which includes:
Face Tattoo
Mesh boots
Bat - Good Night
Along with Omega applier
 Hope you had as much fun checking out the pictures as we had making them!

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