Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Adventuring in Different Lands Part 2

Another day spent out at the 4th Annual Home, Castle and Garden Contest exploring the different worlds and the fantastic artistry and creativity in each today, led me first to the Labyrinth sim. Oh the mazes, the quirky goblins, the glass ballroom,  even the baby on the staircase were represented there! Dare you enter the maze and take your chances? Lots of great mazes to navigate, along with hunt prizes, exclusives and of course those fantastic entries into the contest where you can vote!

And then there was the fantastic voyage into the lands of Camelot! Druids, magic, swords and knights amongst the other fantastic scenery to enjoy.

There are still lots more sims to see, so come out and explore a bit with us!! And while there show your appreciation by helping the cause. The popular vote is measured by donations to the kiosks outside participants' builds. Look for the red arrow above the kiosk!

The kiosk with the greatest amount in it at the end of the contest will win the popular vote.
Popular Vote closes at 12PM SLT on the 31st July,  officially at 1 hour before the Closing Ceremony. The prize for the popular vote goes to the kiosk of the winner's choice.

Schedule for Thursday July 27th 2017

 1-3pm- Open- Sandie Loxingly Inspired Dreamwalkers  
 3-5pm- Dance, Team Shadow 
 5-6pm SLT- WHIP Radio
 6-7 pm SLT - MsNatalie2747 Show
8pm- Savannah Coronet

Friday's Schedule July 28th 2017
 12-2pm SLT - Team Metamorphosis CHRISTMAS IN JULY Dance 
 2-3pm-  Thunder Rock Tribute Concerts-- Lady Gaga!! 
 3-5pm SLT- WHIP Radio
 5-7pm SLT- KittyCatS dance
 7-8pm- Dianna Wycliffe Dance
 8-9pm- Kitty Gumbo dance

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