Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Floating Bedroom

Fantastic Furniture has created another amazing bedroom set for us, called the  Contemporary Floating Glass Bedroom. Shown in the picture above is the full set, or these items can be purchased separately. An added perk to purchasing the full set beside it would look fantastic, is that you get a 10% discount!

Shown we have the following:

Contemporary Floating Glass Bed
Land impact /Prim count - 18
With texture change menu - 18 Modern Textures
13 Single poses - Including Phone, Diary, Sit & Sleep poses etc.
9 Couple poses - Including Breakfast, Laptop, Read, Watch TV, Coffee, Cuddle, Smoke etc.

 Modern Pendant Light x 2Land impact /Prim count each - 3

Aria Lounge Rug
Land impact /Prim count - 3

Contemporary Palm Plant with Resizer
Land impact /Prim count - 3

Curved Glass Console Table
Land impact /Prim count - 3

Working YouTube/Web Browser LCD TV
Land impact /Prim count - 3