Thursday, May 18, 2017

5 O'Clock and All Is Well

It was a quiet time of the day, when everyone was still out in the fields, and mother was home preparing the evening meal with the younger girls of the family. The sun reached in through the windows, and dust fairies danced about in her wake. A trunk of jewels and gold, sat to one side, touched ever so gently by the light's fingertips, and even as the shadows passed over the room in the corners, a soft glow could be seen from the beautiful crystal sitting upon the intricately carved table top. Everyone was excited, for soon the fair would begin, but this also meant a lot of time would be spent working fingers to the bone in preparation. Mama had baking to do, the harvest needed to be brought in from the field, the fattest hog had to be chosen and some of the sisters were even making new jewelry and embroidering designs upon lovingly sewn garments. The chain mail was being polished and the men spent evenings within, practicing their art. All but one, who had his head in the clouds, dreaming of winning the joust this year and of fair maidens giving him their favors for good luck.

Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38) presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, running from May 19 though June 18, 2017. The Faire, similar to a real world "Ren Faire", offers medieval tournaments in jousting, sword play, archery, horse racing, chess, Slurbbage, all day Trivia. There are over 80 merchants throughout the Faire grounds; village, travelers' camp and Gotya garden. All of them supporting Relay For Life with items that will be sold for a 100% donation. On the entertainment front, we have ChangHigh Sisters, dozens of live performers and  DJs are all donating their time and talents to Relay For Life. Don't miss this exciting month-long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, or enjoy live musicians and dj sets!

Moondrops is participating in the Unmasking A Cure's Relay For Life Medieval fair May 19- June 14 with this lovely Crystal Night lamp/decoration that glows in the dark. It includes a 14 texture change hud to match up the crystal to your decor

DoggMata created this beautiful Dragona Setee for Unmasking A Cure's Relay For Life Medieval fair. It comes with four pillows with animations, and the fantastic dragon table. This is also available in a brown version.

Ollies Follies created the fantastic Shabby Chic Botanical Gacha collection is one that is also their RFL exclusive at the Unmasking A Cure's Relay For Life Medieval fair. Shown in the picture above is the Botanical Oval 4, Botanical Octo 2, Botanical Quad 2 , and RARE  Botanical Montage

HHVET Victoriana has this great tapesty shown above, as a prize in the Unmasking A Cure's Relay For Life Medieval fair Hunt. And Wayward has two great Treasure Chests for us, one with gold and jewels, another with silver. Both emit smoke and flames, so thieves just might think twice about stealing your treasure.