Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fairytale Cottage Upon the Hill

 Like a jewel that sparkles in the sea, this beautiful cottage rests upon a lonely hill above the town. Many claim a beautiful princess lives there, others swear it is truly a beautiful sorceress, yet others swear by their belief the fae folk are involved. Whomever it is, remains a mystery to the town's inhabitants, as nobody alive has ever laid eyes upon the inhabitants.

 The gorgeous Ourea Cottage is one of the many wonderous items awaiting you as the mist clears from the Fantasy Fairegounds.  Created by Adorably Strange Wares, this cottage measures 17.5 x 12.5 M and 103 Li. You can find this jewel on the Mudrana sim at the Fantasy Faire April 20-30

Also by Adorably Strange Wares, we have this gorgeous Fairty Tale Village Trellis. Available in two versions, there is the one shown and another "painted" version in beautiful white wood. This is a 4 piece set with touch menu to change the colors of the roses. Mesh, 4-14 Li depending on how many of the pieces you set down. The possibilities are endless! Again to be found on the Mudrana Sim at the Fantasy Faire

The two Relay For Life donation items by Adorably Strange Wares are these remarkable Lilliputian Planters, there are two versions. Succulents and Flowers. The Succulents verion is 9Li, with a color change by touch menu on the roof of the mushroom. The Flowers version is 8Li with touch color change flowers. A beautiful addition to anyone's home/landscape. Mudrana Sim at the Fantasy Faire

Some more great views for you of the inside of the cottage above, and another item available at the Fantasy Fair by Adorably Strange Wares. We have the Katuah Tribe Welcome Home Art. A perfect sign to include in your decor to greet your family each day upon returning home. Found on the Mudrana Sim at the Fantasy Faire

Before we head back outside, let's go upstairs where we find another great couple of items by another talented designer. Also to be found at the Fantasy Faire April 20-30, we have the Office Chairs and Table by %Percent Furniture & Lighting on the San Mora sim. These are sold as individual pieces or a set. Three are single-color chairs (blue, green or orange), with clean, dirty, and dirty with ivy options. They have 10 animations, (+4 reverses, totaling 14, but listed as 10.) Each are 2Li. The Side Table has the same three texture options, (clean, dirty, and dirty w/ivy.) The table is 2Li. There is also the option of purchasing the Full Set Version. It consists of the table as described above, with TWO chairs. The first chair is nine textures, (all of the above,) and the same Li as the ones listed above, (2Li.) The second chair is all the textures EXCEPT those with the ivy, (six textures - the clean and dirty of each color.) This allows this version to be 1Li, which is better for setting a large number out at once.

Venturing outside into the garden, some more lovely botanical delights greet us!

Another items by the talented Adorably Strange Wares, is the Woodland Nympha. This is a $1L GIFT at the Fantasy Faire Mudrana sim, located upstairs! This mesh item is 3Li and seats up to 3 avatars. 9 animations and firefly particles as well.

Peeking out of the foliage within a hollow tree, is a cute little hedgehog who just wants to be your friend. Bring this little fellow home with you today and enjoy his greeting each morning. Created by Exquisite Eye Decorations Home & Garden , this RFL item can be found at the Fantasy Faire on the Egregore sim.  As well as the lovely Fae who keeps a watchful eye over the garden for you as well from her resting place.

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