Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sky House

 It's not all about fashion over at Twe12ve's Lucky Event March 12-30. We have home and garden items as well, so I'm going to show you some of these great creations.

Starting with the Lucky House by Sass Buildz, This is a skybox that is 15X32 and 27LI, perfect for anyone with a small parcel or looking to rent out a few of them. It has two yards as well to entertain or enjoy and enjoy the stars in the sky. You can even rez it onto a 512 plot as it has platforms. Exclusively on sale at Twe12ve's Lucky Event

 Shown inside through the sliding doors are a few more of the furnishings you can find over at Twe12ve's Lucky Event. Such as the kitchen set, let's take a closer look.

Duvet Day created the classy Eloise set shown here. Consisting of chair ( PG and Adult versions), lamp, table and optional place setting, you even get a neon lucky sign for the wall. This fits in perfect with the lucky house.

::cute as f*ck::  has some great artwork for the walls for us. Such as the two shown here, sporting those games of the past, and perhaps even the present. We have the Tic Tac Toe Frame and Scrabble Frame shown here. Others are also available at Twe12ve's Lucky Event so be sure to check out the booth.

The Artist Shed made some great lucky items as well. Perhaps some dice would interest you, in black, red and/or white. Or lucky Bamboo and of course Clover. All lovely items to decorate the house with. You can find these as well over at Twe12ve's Lucky Event

Madness Within made the great You're a Star Stool and Vanity, a fantastic spot for putting on your makeup or doing your hair. This comes with a color change hud as well. Shown here with the Spring Planter by Sass Buildz. Available as well over at Twe12ve's Lucky Event

MOoH! has created some adorable planters for us, complete with lucky clovers. We have the Unicorn planter, Pig planter, and Lop ear bunny planter. Perfect for decorating inside or out. These also can be found at Twe12ve's Lucky Event

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