Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Home Decorating

Let's talk about home furnishings. I have a couple of fantastic finds to show you which would be great in your home.

First, there is the Let's Bake gacha by Serenity Style which can be found at the The Liaison Collaborative from January 7-30th. This gacha includes the kitchen rack, pans, baking tools, flour, rolling pin, and more! (Check out the gacha key below) I love this set up and keeping it at our home as well.

 Next is the fantastic Seltzer Set and Cafeteria Lamps by %Percent. The seltzer bottles themselves are also sold individually, in six colors for gold or silver. $100/each The DBwW Seltzer Sets have every color option  gold or silver They include a texture change seltzer bottle, crate of six seltzer bottles, (for bars, or extra decor,) and a drink carrier that dispenses a seltzer drink to anyone on touch. Other than the metals, each offers all six texture options, and the crate also has a 7th - a mix of all six. The drink carrier will give the color glass that's represented when using it, AND if the owner changes the color, (say from pink to blue,) the glasses worn at that time will ALSO change to match. The seltzer bottles and sets are exclusives for Swank for January, 2017 with a special gift as well for subscribers which is the the Gold/Green bottle.
The lamps are sold with three hanger heights per metal. Hanger color choices are gold or silver for $50/ea. A full set of 6, (w/3 hanger lengths x2 metals,) are $75. They are mod, so further adjustments can be made for super high or really low ceilings. The variety of hanger lengths provide nice starting points. Within the menu, the owner can decide who can turn the lights on/off and also adjust them.

Mistique has a bunch of new releases to show you. Including the Valentine couch which comes in black or red and includes 15 couples poses

The Pallet Furniture Set which includes a couch in different texture choices,  with 15 Couples sits, a Pallet Table in different texture choices and the Ottoman also in different texture choices and including 10 single sits.

Then we have the Heart cushion also by Mistique

 Heading into the bathroom, we have more items by Mistique, including items from the Bura collection, a great bath with 5 couple sits and 6 sex animations, plus a sink that has 3 single, 7 couple and 3 sex animations. Great attention to detail, I love the textures and realistic animations.

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