Friday, December 9, 2016

Cozy Christmas Lodge

What an amazing view from our Cozy Christmas Lodge! This fully furnished skybox by Divias Design, has so much to offer! Just look at all of these fantastic pictures, it's the perfect home for anyone and takes up so little room. This lodge is 16 x 26 and only 97 prims. It even comes with a teleporter for easy access from the ground.  There is soooo much to this and much information so I will try to break it down for you a bit. This is an item that can be found at the SL Christmas Expo for Relay for Life which ends December1- 12th.
You can your windows by click into frosty, snowy, clear and more and have that spectacular view outside of them. It comes with a dining table set and china cabinet.

 A lovely bench to sit outside on and enjoy the view with a snowman, snowy trees, and winter ambience sounds for day and night. Even a snow rezzer with wind sounds!

 A living room set with Christmas table, single and couple animations
  A chest of drawers with Christmas light arch, Christmas tree illuminated, lights on/off with many single and couple animations, decorating the tree, gift him, gift her and much more!

And a fireplace with Christmas decoration menu for smoke, sound and much more!!
This is just barely scraping the surface of what this item has to offer, so be sure to go check it out! It is only $199L for all of this