Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Raising the Roof!

Raise the Roof Hunt is about to come to an end, and I wanted to be sure to show you a couple more of the fantastic items you could find before September 30th. Such as the great Mesh Mailbox in Teal by Windlight Workz. Your family, guests, customers, etc can leave you a note to be picked up later and read. No more capped messages and lots notecards. And like everything in the hunt, it is only 2L.

Also in the hunt is this great Kawaii Butterfly Rug Bean Bag and Trio Table Set with so many fun items on the table, and 8 sits in the beanbag, Nomiki's Creations really put the details into this prize.

One more item I want to show you in this post is this gorgeous Antique Ornate Crimson/Gold Bed A by StoraxTree. With 28 PG animations and props, it seats up to three,and it is a beautiful addition to any home.

For more prize previews, hints and information on this hunt, check out the blog here