Friday, April 8, 2016

Feeding the Ducks

Standing in the rain because Aerwen wanted to feed the ducks, and I wanted to take pictures. We don't mind getting wet so much, part of our nature. 

She is dressed up in a new  outfit by  Bubblegums called Mini Me, which is available at the Spring is Here Gacha Event. Open now, it has a lot of great designers selling items in gacha machines, so check it out.
 Here's a taxi for you: Spring is here, Gacha Fair April 1-16

Aerwen is wearing a shape/skin/tattoo makeup combo by Cat and Fiddle, called Noelle. Available at the main store, you get a lot for the price!

She also has on some hair, created for the TD body by Cutebytes, called MaddyDoo. You can pick up the ToddleDoo bodies at the store as well! 

Eyes are by Inkheart and are part of the Hope Eyes collection. These ones called Celestial, comes in 3 sizes system and mesh.
And eyelashes are by Bad Seed, created for the kids of SL, they are a softer version and look more natural on the child avatars. 

The pictures were taken at Angel Heights   

And the posts used are the Emma Set by XOXO poses