Friday, April 22, 2016

Beware of Dragons

 Decorated our activity room in some purple goodness with great items from Relay For Life's Fantasy Faire which is open now!

We have this amazing RFL Dragon Cake by Simply Designed, decorated with dragons and looking delicious enough to eat, it can be found on the  and  the beautiful Gramercy Scroll Table in iron by Kismet Design, it can be found on the Blackmoor sim sponsored by Arcadia.

We even some guests,  baby dragon companions by Bliensen + MaiTai. There is Uthgar, Vigdis and the special donation baby which givees 100% proceeds to RFL, Fafnir, with a butterly on his nose. Each are rezzable and huggable and all are adorable! They can be found this year on the Lucentia sim sponsored by The Looking Glass.

In addition we have this amazing  Dragon Chair by %Percent Furniture, which seats 2 and a matching Dragon Candelabra, both are mesh, come with a color change menu to fit your own decor, and can be purchased together or separately. They can be found here: Twilight Illusion

The Antique Birdcage, Stand by Eccentric Ephemera for RFL contains an owl that hoots at you. He's another adorable addition to the decor. At least while he's still small.
The magnificent dragon lamp on the wall is A wee bit of magic: Elemental with 100% Proceeds to RFL by Beyond Majestic. Inside the globe is a fairy that emits the 'light' that will illuminate your room. It can be found here: Twilight Illusion sponsored by Merchants of Dreams

The lovely purple couch and table in RFL purple are items by De Baza. The couch seats for and the table is the perfect companion to the decor. They can be found on this sim:Blackmoor Sponsored by Arcadia