Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Upstairs and Studio - RFL Home & Garden Expo

Here I am going to show you even more stuff available at the RFL Home & Garden Expo happening now until March 6th. Here you will find Sales, Exclusives, Donation vendors that give 100% to RFL, Entertainment, Hunts, Gacha, and Special Guest Speakers. You can read more about the event here

First off is this amazing studio setting designed by Organica. You could have a 'class' using this, use it for roleplay or for the eclectic artist, just simply have this in your home to show your guests what one of your passions may be. All the furniture is AVsitter enabled, which means you sit and a menu comes up to choose your animation. Also, the sheets of paper are set up in a mannger that you cna actually add your own drawings to them. Also shown is the hunt gift by Organica, the Orchid Terrarium, which is a beautiful accent piece to any room.

 [ Organica ]
 Life Drawing Studio Set
 Orchid Terrarium

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Next we head upstairs to check out my closet. This closet has just about everything a girl or guy ( yes there is a male version available also!) could want. You can use the rezbox to set out the entire set, or set out individual pieces to suit your own style. The ottoman has a texture change menu, a user menu to set your own preferences on who can  use your item, and lots of animations.

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Glam-FEMALE closet

And finally, to the bathroom we go.
Here we find the beautiful work of New Church in the tall cabinets and vanity, much attention to detail was put into these, even down to the soaps and towels. The mirror pivots to fit the angle you wish it to be at. It's really a beautiful addition to anyone's bathroom.
Also, we have this adorable, bathtub for all those shoe loves out there. It comes with a texture change menu for 5 different looks, as well as 9 different fill ins. It has an amazing amount of positions and some come with props. There are 34 positions male/female/ gay and all this with only 5 land impact.

Some more items from the Happy Homemaker gacha set by irrie's Dollhouse present themselves here as well, the great hamper and stack of towels. For those tiny details alot of us forget about when decorating our homes in SL. The set contains 7 commons and 1 rare. 

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New Church 
Flatiron Tall Bath Cabinet, Antique Pine
 Flatiron Vanity Sink, Antique Pine 1
 Flatiron Pivot Mirror

<Heart Homes> 
"I love Shoes" Bathtub

Irries Dollhouse 
Vintage Happy Homemaker Gacha  7 Commons, 1 Rare
Gacha! Happy Hamper
Gacha! Happy Linen Stack 

 RFL Home & Garden Expo. Feb 14-March 6th
Sales, Exclusives, Donation vendors that give 100% to RFL, Entertainment, Hunts, Gacha, and Special Guest Speakers.

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