Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Backyard- Home & Garden Expo Post

As I have said in previous posts, there is a LOT to see at RFL's Home & Garden Expo. I am now going to show you our backyard and side yard, the house is by Potomac Homes, who is the sponsor of area Hope 9 where these items are from. There's alot to see and do, exclusives, new releases, a hunt, donation items, gacha machines as well as entertainment and workshops.

The peacock chairs, table and urn are all part of a set by True North Designs, which is a donation item for the event, meaning 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the item goes to RFL. 

 Shown also are a few new releases by the same designer, deck chairs and some great lanterns as well

Scrolling down, you will see a great picnic table with a huge display of goodies on it by Datsi Mesh, Even some Mardi Gras stuff on there. 

And the last picture show is a great bounce house for the kids, along with some other items from Datsi mesh, such as the inflatable chairs and small pool. More information on these items can be found below in credits, along with the SLurl to Hope 9. Be sure to check out all the areas though, you wont be disappointed.

True North Designs
1. Hearts Deck Chairs New release  Hearts Deck Chairs  50L
 2. Valentine Peacock Patio Set- RFL DONATION ITEM
You get two upholstery types on the peacock chairs, both Valentine themed of course. Each chair provides AvSitter menu for 12 animated sits to select from. Just Right Click and Sit and Touch the chair anytime for the menu to select a sit from.
Includes a glass topped wicker patio table, and sumptuous metal urn with red and white camellia flowers
3. Monterey Wall Lantern - Monterey Wall Lanterns    225L

Wild Kingdom Castle Bounce House

1. Inflatable Children's Chair 2 Mesh Model LI= 0.5, Texture Faces = 7
2. Inflatable Pool Mesh Model LI = 2.2, Texture Faces = 5
3. Table Food Display- LI = 0.5, Texture Faces = 6

Little Llama 
Mudpies For Sale - Gacha Item

RFL Home & Garden Expo
Area Hope 9

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