Wednesday, September 16, 2015

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe.

Ok first off..who lives in a shoe?! Well, this woman with a buncha of kids does and she seems to have her own sense of style about the place with fantastic finds from the A Totally Wrong and Best Foot Forward Hunts.  She allowed me to do a tour of the house for you so here we go!
First there is the lovely yard and house complete with fence, grass, tree, and with a giant mushroom to sit on. It comes with sit poses for adults, male, female, meditation and of course children.
There is also another chair outside which was an addition and comes with three sit areas, it has tentacles!  Continue the tour by following the pictures!

  Then we head on into the front room and wow! Talk about eccentric! There's a bed shaped like a piece of pie there and err yeah interesting reading for the old broad, a strange fish picture in pink, a clock made of shoes, and even an electric chair! I found cozy fireplace within as well and there's another special surprise, a bottle of some brew inside a shoe. I am pretty sure that was left here for us, so drink up!

While we are enjoying this great drink, I wanted to point out my great outfit. I have shorts and shirt from one hunt, shoes from another, some totally glam shades, and even a great hat! By the way, the skin I am in is a gacha prize from the Cosmetic Fair and made by 7 Deadly Skins, gorgeous isn't it?

 UGH, I don't feel well, a bit tipsy in fact, so let's head up to the second floor which is the bathroom. Check out the fish trophy there, I hear she impales people on it at times. Oh look, bubbles!

To get up to the balcony, we go outside and up the ladder in the back of the house, there's a small room up here, more of an entryway and that's the grand tour! Hope you enjoyed and get out there and get some of these fantastic goodies for your own home.


Poses & Props-
Boot House- Comes with Rezzer, fenced yard, large mushroom
with poses for adults and children, house with three levels.
#23 Best Foot Forward HUNT 
Begins Sept 20
Hint: “Dwarfins Need Shoes”

  Un-Needed Things
Wine Bottle Shoe
#10 Best Foot Forward HUNT
Begins Sept 20
Hint: Imagine if you walked upside down how the perspective of the world would change

Happy Hat
BFF2 Shoe Clock (LI = 71)
#17 Best Foot Forward HUNT
 Begins Sept 20
Hint: “The Hunt Hints will say of how to walk my way”

[Rupsy Roo] 
 Electric Shock Chair Get the shock of your life!
 A Totally Wrong Hunt

 Mishmash Fusion 
 49 Degrees of Monochrome Bed & The Trophy
 #06 A Totally Wrong Hunt

[Magnum Opus]
 Drunkard's Toilet Several animations to crack you up or
for drunkard Roleplaying
 A Totally Wrong Hunt

Cake Fox 
Garden Tentacle Seat Box - Three Sits included 
#17  A Totally Wrong Hunt

Pink Goldfish Pool Water SET Hunt Gift 
#19  A Totally Wrong Hunt

Clothing & Accessories-
Pearly Sunnies

*Independent Objects*
 Leaf Full Set ~silver~

*Feyline Fashions* 
Chenoa Moccasins Brown
#8 Best Foot Forward HUNT 
Begins Sept 20
Hint: Beware of elf-holding trees
Happy Hat-
#17 Best Foot Forward HUNT
Begins Sept 20
Hint: “The Hunt Hints will say of how to walk my way”
::Kitty Shape Wears:: 
Polka Dots & Plaid 
#13 A Totally Wrong Hunt

Body Stuff-

7 Deadly s{K}ins 
Jasmijntje chestnut GACHA rare V2 cleavage
Cosmetic Fair
VIP Group Gift - August 2015


Mon Cheri
"Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

 Mesh Body - Lara

Love N Lust 
Omega System Kit - Maitreya v.1.0

AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant

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