Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This great furniture set could be used in a small front room, a side room, guest room or even on the patio. It has several animations including for a couple and an option of flames on in the fish wall hanging or off as I have it in the pictures. The table has another candle on it as well so you can see at night or for some romantic shadows. I'm patiently waiting for a ride to the beach, so I have my beach bag all stocked up and ready to go. It's pretty cool, as I can change the colors on it to whatever mood strikes me and it is complete with all the supplies I'll need for the beach. I also have on some nifty shades and great shoes. And my outfit, it's a bikini with shorts over the bottom, though it comes with the option to leave the shorts off and just have the suit on, whatever you choose. Soo many choices and all can be found at the Aloha Fair right now! . This nifty hand fan can also be found there and is a gift from Duh! So be sure to check out their booth. The necklace is also an item available there as well and so are the great nails, check out that nail art. As you can see there is a LOT to be found at the fair, it's huge, lots of great vendors, so don't miss out.  The skin I am in is by 7 Deadly Skins and is a great tan tone just perfect for that summery look. The name of it is Temperance and this tone is Chestnut, though the entire line has now been released in the store, so you can get whatever tone you like!


Poses & Props-
Sea furniture set rustic.
Aloha Fair

Yessy SwimSuit With Jeans 
 Aloha Fair
Beach Shades - Blue
 Beach Bag - Color Change
TAF- Gifts 2015- Duh!  Hand Fan
 Aloha Fair
 Solid SLink Roxy + Belleza Pair
 Aloha Fair
 Pendulum Necklace (Onyx)*
Aloha Fair
Body Stuff-

Kitty's Claws:
 Chevrons  Posh
Aloha Fair
7 Deadly s{K}ins 
 TEMPERANCE Box 1 Chestnut

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