Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter!

 *ZK* Designs - Home & Garden
For  White Rabbit Hunt:
Chair has 13 Animated Sits & 21 Fabric Choices in an easy to use
StoraxTree @ White Rabbit Hunt
Chocolate Egg Wall Ornament
Hint; Look by Hunt Sign

 True North Designs Gift for White Rabbit Hunt
 -Spring Mission Hall Table.
The  lamp works on Touch On/Off and also, both the lamp and the
little potted orchid are unlinked objects so when you rez out your
table, you can move those two items around on the table, or you
might like to use them in some other area of your place or what
have you:) They are each a Land Cost of 1.

Total Prims = 8
Total Land Cost = 4
7 Deadly s{K}ins
- Patience Shape 
For Rock Attitude Fair

the Daisy Hair 
- Brown Puppy
gacha item. 

Poetic Colors
pc eyes by LL - bright - caribbean sea

Mesh Body - Lara

 Elegant Hands & High Feet 
 - Lady Next Door_Set 1  
Comes with texture change hud 
*{ B-DaZZled }* @  Fashion Expose 

VG Shoes