Friday, March 20, 2015

Come Spend Some Time In Vega City !!

A new place is born as Vega City prepares for it's opening day. This community is family friendly, will have several different entertainment venues, live performers and other events.  I took several pictures overall and wanted to share just a few with you, the others can be found on my Flickr page which I'll list below.

There is a shopping area with such great designers as Masoom, Danemarkz, Versatile, Tori's Style, Zuri Jewelry and Kaerri

Kaerri designed much of the sim and paid attention even down to the smallest detail as can be seen about the sim. All the way down to a dish, a knick knack, etc.

 It has some very lovely places to hang out and meet other folks, such as a cafe, an art shop, bar and recreation center. There will also be child friendly events taking place.

There are several apartments available for rent, all lovingly decorated by Kaerri. There are seperate ones for the men and women, each is parceled off to provide a good level of privacy to the residents inside.

For more pictures, visit my Flickr page and enjoy!