Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Different Type of Easter Hunt Part 1

 I ventured out into the unknown woods at Sweet Revolutions, tales of killer rabbits on the rampage were being spread about the village tavern, and I had to see it for myself. They said there were ample rewards for each rabbit we took down, so armed with a bag poison carrots that would draw them in and a Twisted Sari to fit in better with the locals, I began my hunt. 
 It seemed peaceful enough here, I was able to get close enough to the deer family to reach out and touch them, but right as my hand was drawing towards them, I spotted a black rabbit upon a rock..watching me. Quickly I took it down with ease and feeling the rush of a hunter, I began to search out more. I took out several bunnies  and was rewarded well for my efforts by the local villagers!
 It was time to relax for a bit, and check out the scenery around me. There were some fantastic treehouses and bridges upon the waters. And buildings that appeared to be a bit Elven in nature. What sorts of creatures lived here?

 I ran into the tree and at first didnt' notice the sinister face that appeared upon it's trunk. Was this carved out by human hands or was this place truly evil underneath all the beauty surrounding me?
Hearing some voices, I ducked down behind a bush and watched as people wandered by, nothing too unsual about any of them, perhaps I'll have to come check things out again , but for now, I want to head home and look over my rewards. ( More blog posts to come to show you the gifts :D )

(Many of the items in this sim, are for sale at the shops in the village market. Come shoot some bunnies and explore this wonderful place!

~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Funny Easter Hunt 30. March - 12. April 2015

"You all know the tradition Easter Hunt`s with a lot of cute bunny`s, small chicken`s and many happy faces.
But what became of the actual tradition of hunting???
We decide, to satisfy the fight against sweet bunnies and happy little chickens.
From now until the 12 April we start the hunting season on Autumn Isle.
Grab your survival hunters pack and have fun.
20 happy rabbits full of gifts waiting for you.
Let`s start and shoot them all :-)
Happy hunting
Your ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Team"

Image Essentials
IE Graceful Elegance 6

 Sweet Revolutions
~*SR*~Funny Easter Hunt Survival Pack

Sweet Temptations
*IO* Twisted Sari "Delirium" <<Common>>
 Twisted Hunt Spectre
Gacha prize

""D!va"" Hair 
"Elsa" (Black amber) Type B braid option
*MC* "Falsies" 
Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

7Deadly s[K]ins 
- Temperance SHAPE
- TEMPERANCE Box 1 Caramel

Nocturnal : Eyes_Blue Wolf