Thursday, December 11, 2014

FREE MALE hunt skin and outfit, featuring 7 Deadly S{K}ins and +Facepalm+

This skin is FREE for members of 7 Deadly S{K}ins!! You just have to hunt for the four hidden baubles to get it! Complete with appliers as well, Until the end of this month, membership is ONLY 5 L! That will change at the first of the year though. If you are not wanting to join, you can still participate in the hunt, each bauble will cost you 25L. So still an awesome, high quality skin for cheap! This outfit is one of the new releases from +Facepalm+, sure looks good!

                                              A&A McCool Hair Moonlight- FREE
                                            +Facepalm+ Hit The Slopes Mens outfit
                                      7 Deadly s{K}ins store hunt Male skin FREE to group
                                                  *Soulglitter* Eyes Brown