Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sweet Kitty hawk

*Sweet Tea
 Kitty Hawk  Set
Notes from Designer:
These Shoes come in both rigged are non rigged versions and the
non-rigged version Includes a Re-size script for non-slink feet;
however the best results are achieved with a pair of Slink high feet. 
I have included a classic avatar shoe base and alpha for classic
avis.   If you are wearing Slink high feet, you only need the
footbase that came with your shoes.  The T-strap on the non rigged
shoes will act a little funny with movement, as they are non rigged.
The skirt  is detachable, allowing you to wear the corset and thong
as a second option.  The Thong is itty bitty and does not have an
alpha because it does not really need one.

 Shelly *Browns*

Nocturnal : 
 Eyes_Blue Wolf

7 Deadly s{K}ins
- Patience Shape
 - PRESLEY for Rock Attitude Fair

Verocity - Dominatrix Pose Set